The Precious Jewel Within: Each of Us Has at Least One (Oh yes we do!)

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Tattered and torn we’ve become. Too harsh the relentless winds of depression and anxiety, and what to do about them. So much pain, so much lost self-worth. Could we ever hope there’s a jewel within, much less a precious one? Yeah, I sure think so…

Come on, when you push aside years of cognitive distortion build-up and trodden self-worth, you still want to believe there isn’t even one precious jewel within?

Last time, I shared a day-excursion to my alma mater, the necessity of which came on suddenly, out of nowhere. In “‘Forty-three years ago,’ I kept saying to myself: A valuable lesson on living life,” I detailed a time of pondering and processing that banged home a lesson on the importance of truly living life. And it raised some existential concerns, as well.

So go figure, off I went on another trek this past weekend. Once again, a great message hit home. And, once again, I’d like to share.

A Precious Jewel Within The Motor City

I live in the ‘burbs of Detroit. In fact, suburban Detroit was home during my high school and college years. Funny – when I mention “Detroit” to many out-of-towners, I get expressions of shock. I mean, it’s like, “Exactly how are you still alive?”

Oh, I get it. Detroit’s history of – and present – monumental challenges have earned a place on the national stage. And even though it’s on the comeback trail, one can easily make the wrong turn and find themselves in the midst of poverty, decay, sadness, suffering – and danger.

Sure, like most decent-sized cities, safety can be a dicey proposition…

Hmmm, isn’t safety at the very core of so many of our personal challenges? And that sticks even if we live in the most secure hamlet.

Belle Isle LighthouseOkay, okay – to the point, right?

Just minutes from some of Detroit’s most dangerous neighborhoods is one of its precious jewels. Belle Isle is a 1,000 acre island located in the Detroit River between the U.S. and Canada, just a few miles from center-city.

It’s a wonderful place. Check-out the 90-year-old James Scott Memorial Fountain in our featured image above. And to the left is the same-aged William Livingstone Lighthouse. Designed by Albert Kahn, it’s the only marble lighthouse in the U.S. Just imagine the comfort and safety it provided Great Lakes freighters making their way from Lake Huron through St. Clair to Erie.

Now, up until two years ago Belle Isle had lost much of its luster, as decay and danger consumed it. But then the City of Detroit declared bankruptcy. And not long after, the State of Michigan leased Belle Isle from the city and made it a state park. Boom! Belle Isle came back to life, beauty and safety returning.

Finding The Precious Jewel Within

What a great time I had walking and driving about, checking-out the sites and people. But surely you know my purpose here isn’t purely Belle Isle promotional. No, these two truths hit me right between the eyes while I played…

Precious jewels exist within even the most undesirable environments. And safety can absolutely return, and remain, in spite of a history of danger and treachery.

Isn’t that the way it is with us?

Our brows burn and drip with the fever of our emotional/mental misery. And the wallop on our self-worth is so hard to absorb – time and time again. How we long for soothing.

Well, that soothing is there for us at anytime. And what better mental focusing device to put it into motion than a precious jewel within?

And, Yes, You Really Do Have One (If Not More)

I don’t know, maybe you don’t believe you have one.

Oh, I suppose I can understand why you might think that. However, is it realistic? Come on, when you push aside years of cognitive distortion build-up and trodden self-worth, you still want to believe there isn’t even one precious jewel within?

As an objective, non-judgmental soul who doesn’t know you from Adam or Eve, I refuse to accept that. As a matter of fact, I challenge you to sit-down with pencil and paper and come up with at least one precious jewel you hold within.

Will you do that? And maybe share the experience in a comment?

More importantly, will you begin to put that precious jewel to work in helping you soothe that fevered brow of yours?

So, it was a great day at Belle Isle – just one of the precious jewels within a rough, and healing, neck of the woods.

  • npeden August 22, 2015, 2:42 pm

    Ok. I am working on de-stressing. Going to the beach, wrapping in a blanket and just taking it in. You know being near the water has great ions.

    • Chipur August 22, 2015, 4:10 pm

      De-stressing is always a good thing, Nancy. Getting it done at the beach makes it sound even better. Soak-in those ions, k? Always glad when I see you’ve stopped-by…


      • npeden August 22, 2015, 7:00 pm

        I am back. I felt like Dorothy in her red shoes, tapping to get home to Kansas. You see we just had the world famous Concours de Elegance, a week of over the top car auctions, here where millionaires clogged up and are still clogging up all our roads. Locals not impressed by this yearly to do. Well as I tried to make it to Carmel beach the traffic, which all locals have been decrying wa horrid and I knew it would be 45 more minutes getting to the beach. So I went to where I should have gone: to the park across the street from my house, under my favorite bronze Beech Tree. But even that was less than good as today it must be VERY hot inland as we on the coast have high fog, grey skies. Heading to me back porch, tapping my red shoes to get there. BTW the beech was grand and I am sure she gave off some good ions or electrons and I forgot to tell you all, I actually get great sea breezes as I am about four blocks from Cannery Row. Nice to live in a kinda paradise…that’s my diamond for today. Tree bathing and appreciating going slow.

      • Chipur August 22, 2015, 7:55 pm

        And so it is a diamond (precious jewel within) for the day. And you can draw upon the experience to help you soothe a future fevered brow. Great example…

  • Patricia Miller August 23, 2015, 5:22 pm

    Oh, this just drew me in and the following quote, “And safety can absolutely return, and remain, in spite of a history of danger and treachery,” is so powerful to me.

    Growing up in a home where there was no safety, anytime, ever, there have been many times in my adult life that the world felt totally unsafe. The feeling of unsafe was like having been sprayed by a skunk; impossible to get the odor off and no way to change clothing or shoes….doomed/damned to walk in the stench forever. It took some significant help from a good therapist and some hard work on my part to begin to deal with this and create my own inner place of safety and refuge, and to learn that this truly was within my power. Reclaiming my power in this area was phenomenal and so restorative to a sense of peace overall.

    Now I realize your emphasis in the article is on discovering my own sense of value, of worth….that is a bit more tricky, but I can tell you that over time I have been able to learn and see things about myself that are precious. I am unfailingly kind and gentle and I know I will approach even the most difficult situation with calm and intelligent review. Those are some of the jewels within for me. Knowing I can go to my own inner place of safety is a security, a place of comfort for me as well, and I am thankful I had someone to help me locate that, build it, and learn how to access it so fear of “unsafe” no longer ruled the day and the night.

    • Chipur August 23, 2015, 6:36 pm

      Yes, actually two emphasisisisis in the article. No doubt, safety is still achievable – and sustainable – no matter the history, or existing treacherous environment. And, of course, that always elusive self-worth piece – finding even just one precious jewel within (again, we all have at least one), and using it/them as a mental focusing device as we work toward managing/resolving our emotional/mental misery.

      Glad to have you back, Patricia – and thank you…

  • Cathy | Treatment Talk August 26, 2015, 12:09 am

    Great post here, Bill. I feel my precious jewel within is my resiliency. It has worked for me at times in the past when things got a little tough. It helps me to go with the flow. Too often we can get lost when the negative becomes overwhelming. Thanks for another insightful post!

    • Chipur August 26, 2015, 4:24 pm

      Good seeing you, Cathy. And thank you for the visit and participation…