What Does Tomorrow Look Like?

We’ve been on a hope mission on chipur lately. And it’s been driven by some powerful email exchanges I had with three chipur readers late last week. I love having the flexibility of addressing immediate issues.

Nicole, Cindy, and Jaime shared some intense emotions with me; and it all got me to thinking and feeling about the concept of hope. And then the notion of tomorrows popped into my mind.

Hope and tomorrows have a dynamic relationship. I mean, one isn’t going to have a whole lot of tomorrows without hope. And one isn’t going to be able to sustain hope without some positive tomorrows.

Let me ask you a question. What does tomorrow look like to you? Do you have such a vision?

You may be frozen in the midst of great emotional, mental, and physical anguish just now due to any number of circumstances – loneliness, anger, abandonment, financial strife, broken relationships, your disorder(s), etc.

And, certainly, any sort of positive vision of tomorrow may be tough to come by. But we need to fight like heck to find something and latch onto it.

I wrote an article about a month ago detailing some recent research that suggests the very same brain anatomy and physiology involved in recalling events of the past generates our visions of tomorrow. In fact, envisioning the future may well be a prerequisite for higher level planning processes in the brain. Here’s a link to the article.

The fact of the matter is, remembering the past needs to be used in formulating our visions of tomorrow. Of course, we have to carefully select the memories we’re going to call upon.

Another very important thing to remember in terms of visualization is our brains base reality upon what we say it is – past, present, and future.

I’ve been experiencing my own bit of loneliness as of late due to several issues, including my son heading off for his freshman year of college a month or so ago. And it all hurts. You know that!

Early this morning I was taking a long walk and noticed an airplane making its way toward O’Hare. It was a bright and sunny morning, and seeing that plane really gave me a lift (pardon the pun). For me it represented the hustle and bustle of an airport, as travelers make their way to their destinations.

The vision of people, and interacting with them, was extremely inspiring and powerful for me. It was a great and hopeful tomorrow.

We deal with so much, and our days can become overbearing with thoughts of hopelessness. But the key to rising above it all is to maintain a strong vision of a wonderful tomorrow. Why shouldn’t we?

Again, what does tomorrow look like to you? Well, if we’re going to make the best of the research I cited earlier, we need to find something in the past to base it upon.

Think and feel for a moment. Was there an especially happy, comforting, or rewarding time that brings a smile to your face or a few extra heartbeats? I’m thinking you can find something. Well, allow the thoughts and feelings you experienced at the time, and now, to lead you to a vision of tomorrow.

And don’t just feel and think about it once – make it a daily, several times a day, practice.

We can do this! We need to do this!

By the way, here’s a link to an article I posted yesterday that’ll come in handy right about now – H.O.P.E. So much more than just one word.

Your thoughts and feelings, chipur readers? Comments help us all, so come on – participate.