When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Planning! 19 Ideas…

When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Planning! 19 Ideas… post image

We’re tired and we’ve had it. But there’s still so much more to do before we can call it a day. I mean, the reality of the situation is bad enough – and now our anxiety is flaring up and our mood is getting kind of dicey.

“Dang! How am I going to pull this off?

That’s how things go at times, right? You better know it. And suddenly the classic internal struggle begins. The little voice on the left says, “Forget it, you aren’t going anywhere.” And the little voice on the right says, “Come on, get moving – we have to make this happen.”

Now, we all know this kind of stuff happens all the time. So why not come up with some strategies and techniques to smack it right in the face (oh, and prevent it from happening in the future)?

We’re going to approach resolution in pieces; as we discuss things we can do before, during, and after the situation or event we’re almost overwhelmingly tempted to avoid.


  • Aside from handling the coming task itself, what personal work can you accomplish?
  • Is your mission realistic – either too challenging or not challenging enough?
  • What will you gain by accomplishing your mission?
  • How will you know it’s accomplished?
  • How will you manage your thoughts and feelings should you in any degree not accomplish your mission?
  • How will you reward yourself for successful completion of your mission?
  • Your thoughts…


  • Stay in the moment – resist looking toward the end of the mission (going home) and how unbearably distant it seems.
  • Really get into the task at hand.
  • Are adjustments to accomplishment goals indicated?
  • Say and jot-down statements of self-encouragement.
  • Self-congratulate as you accomplish pieces of your mission.
  • Begin to look forward to your self-promised reward.
  • Your thoughts…

Well, the mission’s been completed. So now what?

  • Debrief – alone or with someone else.
  • Feel great no matter happened – you stepped-up to the plate and survived (and you always will, by the way).
  • What did you do well?
  • What did you have a hard time with?
  • What can you learn from the experience?
  • Record plenty of mental and written notes.
  • Enjoy your self-reward!
  • Your thoughts…

Absolutely, absolutely, and no doubt – life is very tough for everyone. And, though it’s no excuse, our pathology can make it all the more difficult; as compromised motivation and the temptations of avoidance envelop us. So we have to be proactive in making the very best of our circumstances. And that only happens if we plan and practice. So let’s get busy!

Sharing and commenting makes chipur so strong for everyone. What would you add to the lists? What else is on your mind?