True Freedom? It’s In Letting Go

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“But, Bill, I have so little of value as it is. And you’re suggesting I give it up? I just don’t get it. How can letting go of my most prized possession bring me freedom?”

I enjoy perusing the chipur archives. Geez, they go back to January 2010. Actually six months before, because I produced a much smaller blog – that transitioned into chipur.

During my walks down memory lane, it’s not uncommon that I find an article I want to spruce up a bit and bring to you again. That’s the scoop on what you’re about to read.

Letting Go (It’s okay…really)

I’d like to share a story about how I came to know – and understand – one of life’s greatest truths…

Some 14 years ago, as my ex-wife and I were putting the final touches (as if we were sculpting David) on our divorce arrangements. I was being asked to sacrifice yet more time with, and access to, my children. At least on paper.

I can’t tell you how deeply that cut, because I just couldn’t fathom why my children (and, yes, I) had to suffer because two adults couldn’t work out their differences.

I was mad as heck and wanted to fight it like crazy – but I really couldn’t afford to. Besides, I knew in my heart the whole mess just had to come to an end.

Fact! I needed to let it go.

True Freedom

Well, my mother knew of my pain, frustration, and anger and sent me an audio recording of a sermon given by a guest pastor at my parent’s church. The subject matter was securing peace by letting go. Man, was this guy in my head, or what?

I can still remember the exact time, and my location, as I listened to that tape. And to this day it stays with me. The gist of what he said was…

A person will never be truly free until they’re willing to give up their most valued possession.

Now, for some that may be money, their business, career, car, status, and so on. But for me it was, and still is, my children – though they’re certainly not a possession in the literal sense.

So as tough as it was, I paid heed to what this guy was saying, knowing my current frame of mind wasn’t providing any measure of peace anyway.

I let go, let the legal arrangements fall into place as their mother wanted, and shortly thereafter signed the papers.

Well, that pastor couldn’t have been more correct. Over the years, regardless of what the legal papers said, I could be with my children just about anytime I, or they, wanted.

Yes, that’s how it turned out. I mean, because I let go, and my ex cooperated, I didn’t have to worry about threats to our time together, or not having the time to nurture them and watch them grow. Truly, letting go of my most prized possession gave it back to me.

Our Most Prized Possession: Us?

I believe we won’t reap the richest rewards in this life until we’re ready to sacrifice the one thing meaning the very most to us.

And I’m kind of thinking to the typical person enduring mood and anxiety issues, the ongoing need to control every aspect of everything that could possibly touch their life is right there at the top of the old prized-possession list.

In that regard, I think it’s pretty accurate to say – our most prized possession is – well – us.

And don’t misunderstand, that’s not a bad concept. The only problem is within the context of control it’s not a very healthy ownership arrangement – as opposed to looking out for #1 in an effort to take good care of oneself.

Let’s Close Now

I believe we need to learn to give it up. Yes, I know control makes us feel so secure, but it’s such a false sense of security. Can’t you see that?

No way – we aren’t going to live our dreams and enjoy a lasting, honest peace until we trust ourselves, and our world, enough to let go. Then, and only then, will we become truly free.

And, oh by the way, we’re only being asked to be willing to sacrifice our most prized possession. The sacrifice itself may never be required.

So what do you think? Objectively now, is there something in which you place great value that’s, in fact, making you miserable?

Let it go, okay? You can do it!

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