Unemployed? 10 Things To Hold Onto

There aren’t too many feelings worse than being unemployed. And when a being-jobless frosting is applied to the depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder cake; things can get very messy. Let’s talk about it, okay?

Whether we’ve been laid off, terminated, or quit – it doesn’t much matter. Being unemployed is absolutely awful. And, of course, along with it comes that seemingly endless and gut-wrenching job search.

And in these dicey economic times, with such a horrible job market, the circumstances can seem downright unbearable.

To be sure, being unemployed can generate so many negative feelings and thoughts. To name just a few – insecurity, abandonment, rock-bottom self-esteem, anger and rage, and fear for survival of family and self.

And a double-whammy comes into play here. Not only can these feelings and thoughts be brand-spanking-new, they can be renewed oozings from wounds thought long ago healed.

So what can we do to get us through the chaos of being unemployed? Well, I’m not going to provide a long list of job search strategies and techniques. That’s not what we do here on chipur.

Instead, I’m going to offer up something of greater substance – a foundation upon which you can build your job search activities…

Unemployed? 10 Things To Hold Onto

  1. You may have lost your job; however, you didn’t lose your membership in the human race.
  2. You’re still the same person – with the same family and friends – you were when you were working.
  3. Being unemployed has nothing to do with being worthy of respect and love – including yours for you.
  4. There’s absolutely nothing to be gained by ruminating over how you lost your job and what a great gig it was.
  5. Isolating because of feelings of guilt and shame will only make you feel more guilty and ashamed.
  6. Holding a grudge will only make you bitter and beaten.
  7. Approach the challenge ahead with a spirit of renewal and self-improvement.
  8. View your circumstances as the journey toward discovering, or greatly enhancing, the real you.
  9. Celebrate your true victories – your health, family, friends – as opposed to lamenting your defeats.
  10. Never, ever, ever lose sight of the fact that you will work again – with this nightmare long over.

Serious food for feeling and thought, don’t you think?

Perhaps your interest in this article is based in the reality that you’re unemployed. Maybe someone you know or love is, and you’re going to share. Both scenarios are exactly why I wrote the piece.

Always remember – you may be unemployed; however, that face or those legs you shave today are the same ones you skinned when you were getting ready for work.

And, please understand, your worth is measured by so much more than a job.

Now, go on – do what you have to do to find work. But print this article and stick it on the fridge while you’re at it, okay?

One final note. As unpleasant as it is, unemployment provides an opportunity to rethink our career and life passions. And that could culminate in a decision to go back to school. That’s exactly what I did seven years ago.

Anyone unemployed out there? Maybe just found a new job? Please share some feelings and thoughts with us, won’t you? That’s what comments are for.