The Ups & Downs of (Mis)Interpretation & (Over)Reaction

If you’ve followed chipur for any length of time you know I believe misinterpretation and overreaction are such powerful contributors to the mood and anxiety disorders.

In fact, I use the term, interpreaction, to underscore the power of the relationship between them.

Well, let’s take a look at this one-two knockout combo within the context of a very real life scenario…

About a year ago I summoned an elevator to the 11th floor of a hotel. As I waited, a massive floor to ceiling window caught my attention and I very comfortably gazed outside absorbing the landscape (which, by the way, would have unnerved me years ago). And suddenly I said to myself…

“You know, this is really very fascinating. Here I stand within 24 inches of a 110 foot fall to a very messy death, the only thing standing in the way being a one-quarter-inch thick piece of glass (and my desire to stay alive), and it doesn’t bother me!”

And, then, the realization hit home that if that piece of glass wasn’t there I’d be frozen solid in fear.

So, on one set of the studio I’m fine; however, on the other I’m terrified and immobile.

And the only difference is a blasted one-quarter-inch thick glass prop.

As I swirled it all around, I became terribly annoyed by the injustice and indignation of a prop holding such power over my emotions, thought, and behavior.

And it’s this kind of spunk and drive, along with the incredible power of reason, that hold the very keys to overcoming our emotional and mental shtuff.

No doubt, the very bottom-line fact is – logically my potential for catastrophe was virtually non-existent whether or not the glass was there.

And if I truly receive and digest that message I must believe I possess what it takes to overcome my compromised reasoning, leading to absolutely no fear should I choose to stand unshielded within two feet of the edge of a building’s 11th floor.

Doesn’t that make sense?

Well, a noble and courageous target, no doubt. But let’s talk it over a bit more. In fact, let’s do it tomorrow in part-two, okay? Be sure to come back.

(Oh – that image gives you the creeps, doesn’t it?)

Feelings and thoughts thus far? How ’bout sharing a comment with all of us???