Viibryd: A new antidepressant has arrived

“I’ve waited so long for Viibryd. I mean, they say it’s revolutionary and has very few side effects. And it’s finally available!”

All true! Yes, Viibryd is available in the US, so it’s a matter of heading to your pharmacy’s website – or give ’em a call – for availability. And get your psychiatrist/physician to place a prescription.

***I’ve decided to maintain an ongoing journal of chipur readers’ experiences with Viibryd. Click here and you’re there!

My Hope for Your Hope

So many of you have waited for a long, long time for Viibryd to hit pharmacy shelves. Heck, I first wrote about it three-and-a-half months ago.

Actually, it’s an article that will come in handy for some time because it presents some great foundational info on the med. Here’s a link.

It’s my most sincere hope that Viibryd works for those of you who really need it to – with the side effects relief you desire. I don’t endure major depressive disorder, so I won’t be using Viibryd.

That means we’ll have to rely upon you for updates as to how it’s working.

Thanks to all who have kept us posted on availability. And we’ll likely still need you for international availability…