Weathered By Time, Inspired by Hope

“Never in a million years would I have imagined I’d be where I am right now.”

That statement could go either way, I suppose…

Some would offer it up with reflective pride and joy after “arriving.” Others would proclaim it after “arriving” alright. But their surroundings are unexpected, unfamiliar, and scary.

They’re disappointed and lost.

I’d like to address the later. So let me be direct. How did you get there?

“Come on Bill, does it even matter?”

It does – a lot.

Do You Even Want to Turn Things Around?

Seriously, how could you ever hope to turn things around if you don’t know what brought you to misery in the first place? All those bad decisions? The countless wrong turns? They’re important.

‘Course, I’m assuming you even want to make things right.

Well, do you?

That’s actually a tough decision to make, isn’t it? I mean, after all of the time you spent scratching, clawing, sweating, and crying – and this is all you managed to come up with?

What morsel of good common sense wouldn’t direct anyone to – well – pass?

But is that “good common sense?” Or is it a tainted, jaded, and weary point of view; grounded in pleading for rest?

You’re tired, aren’t you?

Fast Forward to the Present

So to heck with walks down memory lane! Exactly where are you right now, anyway? My gut is you’re where you’re supposed to be, and you’ve gotten what you asked for.

“Thanks a lot,” you shout.

But isn’t it true? Given your history of poor decisions, where else would you be in the moment?

If you were heading to Los Angeles and spent a lifetime making wrong turns, you could well find yourself in Tibet. And wouldn’t that be exactly where you’d belong?

However, once you got there and realized it wasn’t LA; wouldn’t you want to rest for a bit, gather your resources, and set out again?

And you know what? I’m willing to wager you’d be taking in the Malibu sun the second time around.

Your Displeasure, Your Ally

Your displeasure with where you are is telling. Simply, it says you don’t like it, you’re disappointed, and you’re angry. And not only are those feelings good things, they’re your #1 ally.

So use your disgust and angst to pull yourself up and out of the pit of desperation. Then dust yourself off and draft plans for that final trip to that special somewhere.

I’m telling you, when you reach your destination you’ll find yourself saying, “Never in a million years would I have imagined I’d be where I am right now.”

And you’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

Sure, you’re weathered by time. And you can so easily be inspired by hope.

Chop! Chop! Get after it…

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