Weekend Musings & Poetry: Home

How to Beat Anxiety

“Will I yet hear ‘home’ echo down the aisle? And gather my bags to exit, acting so proud to belong.” How ’bout some weekend musings and a poem?

You know, many bloggers don’t post over the weekend. I guess the thought is most readers are involved in other activities. So they think it’s best to save their creative energy for Monday through Friday – when the eyeball numbers are there.

I can’t afford that luxury here on chipur. I mean, chipur readers endure depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. 24/7, someone may be clawing for even the slightest measure of hope and inspiration.

And the fact of the matter is, vulnerability is often at its peak over the weekend.

So how are you this third weekend in January?

I was swirling around what to write for you today, and turned to some feelings and thoughts I’ve been managing lately.

It’s been about finding some personal and professional niches I’ve been pursuing for some time, and I don’t have them as locked-in as I’d like.

Things are well on their way – and all will be fine – but I’m just not there yet (and by nature, somewhat foot-tappy).

Perhaps like you, feeling rooted – nested – is really important to me. You know, I suppose it’s a matter of finding and sustaining a sense of home.

During times of trial, I often turn to my poetry collection for a bit of perspective. And what do you know! I found one I’d written many years ago that was such a good fit.

I’d like to share it with you…


Will there ever be
A stop
For me
The place where I depart

Will I yet hear
Echo down the aisle
And gather my bags to exit
Acting so proud to belong

Night to day
Rain to shine
Where is a someplace
I can call

Will there ever be
A stop
For me

The place where I depart

The place that I’d call

Have you been looking for that special place? The place where you can depart, acting so proud to belong? Don’t abandon your search, okay?

Stay the course, making adjustments along the way. And you’ll be walking-in the front door before you know it.

Oh, those weekend musings…

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