It’s a word…It’s a concept…It’s Home!

Hearing or talking about “home” can be incredibly comforting to most anyone enduring anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. And it sure isn’t hard to understand why, is it? But notice I didn’t take the liberty of cramming “home” into a word or a concept.

So what is “home” to you?

Well, here are two of the things it is to the editing brain-trust at Oxford American College Dictionary

  • A place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates.
  • The place where one lives permanently.

Makes sense, I suppose.

How ‘bout the image of “home” I painted into a poem many years ago?

Someplace Be Home
How long I’ve waited, someplace be home
Where all of the elders could see how I’ve grown
Within minute’s reach the playgrounds of youth
Places of fantasy, failure, and truth

And all of the faces I’d known through the years
Who welcomed my triumphs and bathed in my tears
Yes I’d live my life so happy within
The golden enclosure of all that I’ve been

A pleasure of warmth, a pleasure familiar
A lesson of roots and of time standing still here

A comforting notion of loving connections
Marvelous feelings and glowing affections

To I and my small ones a place such as this
Where e’er we may go a place we’d be missed
And holding so warmly all that we’ve known
A place for the ages, a place we’d call home

I wrote that poem with a vision of a hometown – something I’ve really never known or felt. But over the years I’ve learned to transition that “outside of Bill” longing to a striving for something internal, ever-present, and lasting – good times and bad.

Again, what’s your take on home? If you’re agoraphobic, social phobic, or depressed I suspect a very external bricks ‘n mortar “home” will do just fine. But let’s check it against what our editors had to say at the beginning of the piece.

Certainly, it’s a place where we’re typically found. And it’s likely the place from which we originate most days. But is it truly a place where we “flourish?” Is it where we live permanently? Hmmm – I don’t think so.

But what really matters is what you think. Maybe it’s time to begin thinking outside of the box when it comes to what “home” really is. I mean, wouldn’t it be amazing to know that no matter where we go, what we’re doing, or who we’re with – we’re always at home?

How good is that?

Well, we can really have it that way. And I’ve made it my business to get there.

How ‘bout you?

Yes, how ’bout you, chipur readers. We’d all like to read your thoughts and feelings. Won’t you comment?

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