Getting Into a Zone (Part 2): A Fine Bit of Visualization

Yesterday, we began a series on getting into a zone. What I refer to as zoneness is that max-integrated emotional, mental, and physical state that allows us to accomplish the truly incredible. Let’s wrap-up the series today.

As I said in Part 1, it’s important to understand that accomplishing the truly incredible doesn’t have to mean scoring 100 points in a pick-up basketball game. I mean, getting to the grocery store and back can be a truly incredible accomplishment.

And getting into a zone doesn’t happen by accident; as preparation and practice increase its likelihood tremendously.

One of the prep tools we can use is guided imagery,  and I introduced a nice visualization/relaxation exercise yesterday to show you just what I mean. As a matter of fact, I used the grocery store accomplishment I just mentioned. We’re going to pick it up where we left off, so be sure to catch-up before continuing.

Okay, we’ve brought ourselves to the calmest of states, and it’s time for some visualization. Let’s get in the car and head for the parking lot of the grocery store that’s generated so much past distress. All we’re doing is getting out of the car, walking in the door, and walking around the store. No cart.

Aisle to aisle, side to side, front to back we go. And we’re taking-in all the sensations. Listen to the gentle shower as the produce gets refreshed. Smell the goodness of the bakery – and the coffee. And how ’bout some people watching? That’s always fun.

Now that we’re feeling comfortable, we’re grabbing a cart. And in a very slow and deliberate manner we begin our shopping. Thing is though, we’re not taking the normal route. No, we’re starting on the opposite side of the store. And we’re taking our time; visualizing ourselves going about this task with great ease, calm, and enjoyment. It’s been so long since we’ve felt this way, hasn’t it?

Well, we’re all set, as everything on our list is crossed-off. It’s time to head for the checkout. And, hey, we found a line with only one person ahead of us. Right in line we go, as we continue with our enjoyment of the sights, sounds, and smells. Oh, two parties have just lined-up behind us; however, we’re calm and secure.

It’s our turn now, so we present our groceries for payment. We greet the cashier with a smile as we hand her our savings card. We’ve gotten our total, and we’re handling the transaction with confidence and poise.

And guess what? We’re finished, and it’s time to go home. So we head out the door wearing a satisfied smile, convinced the next trip will be equally as enjoyable. In fact, we can’t wait.

Now, that little exercise needs to have taken only about ten minutes. And it’ll run more smoothly, and produce better and better results, the more we practice. I suggest implementing the exercise daily, the scenario being any situation that causes distress. And, for sure, we need to perform the exercise before a specific upcoming stressful event or activity – and run the video produced in our mind as we approach and participate.

This is just one example of how we can prepare (and practice) in an effort to encourage zoneness. Always remember, it doesn’t happen by accident. No, the truly incredible occurs because we took the time to make it happen.

Of course, the question becomes – will we, in fact, make it happen? Or will we take the easy way out and settle for continued mediocrity? I know that may come-off as cruel and insensitive; but do we really want to fully participate in this thing called life, or just settle for a so much less meaningful and fulfilling existence?

As with anything in terms of growth and betterment, the choice is ours – ours alone.

Know the joy and incredible rush brought about by getting into a zone. What a tremendous boost to our self-esteem, and what wonderful things we’ll enjoy and accomplish.

All of us will benefit from your comments. Feelings? Thoughts? Examples? Please share!